Fall & Winter means layering and wearing comfy sweaters but also, can mean dry scalp and skin. I could remember when I was young, I would lather my skin up with Vaseline and use grease to maintain my dry scalp. I later discovered that you can stay hydrated with natural oils. 

Whether you are trying to avoid chemicals or just looking to play around with products, you should try natural oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, olive oil and avocado oil. In the past few years, people have jumped on this new wave of healthy living which goes beyond just eating healthy foods. Green products are becoming more popular and people are incorporating them in their everyday routines. In a recent study, it was reported that 52-55% of people use natural products in their everyday routines. Here what to know about some oils incorporated in Ultra Refined Organics products: 


Almond oil comes from the kernels of almonds and contains vitamin E, proteins and even magnesium. Almond oil is great for moisturizing the skin and hair, help with slow-growing hair and hair loss. 


Avocados are known for the infamous dish guacamole and even though it tastes really good, people do not know the benefits of avocados for the body in general. Avocados contain the “good fats” and minerals that provide ultra shine and glow to the skin and hair. 


Jojoba oil is another gem that people do not know about. Did you know jojoba oil contains antibacterial properties? Yes, its true and is important to incorporate in your everyday routines to keep the germs away. Jojoba oil also adds to the natural balance in your skin and scalp and do not clog your pores. 


I don’t know about you but when I think of Olive oil, I think about food. Many people use olive oil in their food recipes but what is so cool about olive oil, is that it can be used not just for your insides but also on the outside of your body. Olive oil is moisturizing but also is a natural exfoliant which is great for the scalp and skin.